The spine, brain, immunity connection

Human body systems do not work in isolation they are interconnected. Ensuring spine, brain and immunity system are supported for optimal performance is vital to maintaining good health and energy.

As a Pilates teacher I know that ‘If your spine is inflexible at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.’ Joseph Pilates

The human brain is connected to the spinal cord at the cerebrum. This part of the brain is responsible for coordinating and processing sensory and motor functions such as movement, breathing, swallowing and heartbeat.  It is also responsible for processing emotions and contributes to your unique personality traits. Damaging your spinal cord can impact how the brain controls these vital functions.

Our immune system incorporates many systems and a network of biological processes that protect us from disease. The root cause of many diseases is linked to high levels of oxidative stress and inflammation. Reducing levels of oxidative stress and supporting a healthy inflammatory response is imperative to good health.

Here are 5 biohacks to improve both your life and health span.

Biohacking is the desire to understand your body and mind and using everything at your disposal – cutting edge technology, tools and science to become the best version of yourself. version of yourself.

  1. Posture is Key!

Your posture directly impacts your health as well as how you look. A 2014, report by National Institute of Posture found that bad posture causes

Proper spine alignment is crucial for supporting the body’s healthy inflammatory response, which in turn helps maintain a strong immune response.

Postural assessments can be performed by Pilates instructor, physiotherapist or chiropractor, who  will identify how best to support your spinal and overall health. Checking your own posture can create self awareness.

The study of Nutrigenomics is the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease.

Consuming Protandim Dual Synergiser is clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress and enhance cellular energy.  It is also known to increase production of glutathione by the liver. Glutathione is involved in making chemicals and proteins needed by the body and the immune system.

Returning your body to balance by assisting your body to create its own antioxidants at a higher rate than possible through diet alone.

How you fuel yourself has a direct impact on your health. Diets high in red meat, alcohol, sugar and saturated fats increase the levels of oxidative stress and inflammation in the body.

Your spine, brain and immune system benefit on a nutrient dense organic diet including good quality water to ensure adequate hydration.

Movement is a source of fuel for your spine, brain and immune system. Pilates movement is a full mind body low intensity exercise strengthening muscles, bones, neural pathways, releasing endorphins aiding mood and focus as well as increasing new brain cells to keep good memory health.

Sleep plays a vital role in the body’s natural repair processes. Adequate sleep promtes recovery rates, cognitive function and a health immune response. Supportive methods to assist in getting to sleep include no electronic device usage 1 hour before bed, limiting caffeine intake, meditating, darken lighting  and using essential oils.


Importance Of Posture Awareness (

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